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Debunking Common Acupuncture Myths

It cannot be denied that there are a lot of people who are very reluctant to get acupuncture treatments, and one of the reasons that is holding them back from receiving this alternative form of therapy is because they don’t understand how it works. More often than not, they also let common acupuncture myths prevent them from getting some much needed help.

Listed below are the most common acupuncture myths that have been debunked by studies.

Acupuncture is not recommended by the healthcare industry.


One of the myths that you’ve probably heard is how acupuncture, being an ancient form of medicine, is already an obsolete form of treatment method. Furthermore, because acupuncture is ancient, then the healthcare industry no longer recommends this.

This statement is false. The fact that acupuncture is still in use today means that this ancient form of therapy is indeed very effective in treating patients. After all, the practice would not have been able to survive if people stopped getting acupuncture treatments. Also, studies have been done on this treatment method, and they have shown how effective this method is in helping patients. In fact, it is so effective that the World Health Organization as well as the National Institutes of Health recognize acupuncture as a valid form of treatment.

Acupuncture only provides a placebo effect, not the real deal.


Some argue that the placebo effect of acupuncture is what’s making the patient feel better, and that acupuncture really doesn’t do anything for the patient at all.

This is also a false statement. Numerous studies have been done on acupuncture, and it has been proven that endorphin, a natural pain killer, and dopamine as well as serotonin, which are feel good chemicals, are released into the blood circulation during acupuncture sessions. These chemicals greatly reduce the pain felt by the patient. Acupuncture therapy has also been shown to decrease the inflammatory process of a disease by stimulating the endocrine system.

Acupuncture therapy is a painful process, what with all those acupuncture needles.


Another common misconception about this ancient form of healing is that acupuncture is a very painful process. After all, needles will be inserted into the patient’s skin, and because needles have pointy tips, the whole thing is bound to be very painful.

Again, this is an incorrect statement. First of all, the acupuncture needles are so fine and thin, much like the size of a single strand of hair, that you won’t be able to feel the needles being inserted. If ever you do feel something, it will only be a little prick, something that you would feel when a mosquito bit you.

Acupuncture therapy is scary because it has a lot of negative side effects.


Because acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment method and cannot truly be explained by the experts, then you can expect a lot of negative side effects. Furthermore, if you do receive acupuncture treatments, then expect to be off work for days for the recovery period.

Contrary to popular belief that acupuncture has negative side effects, this ancient form of therapy actually has none. It is actually even safer than most conventional methods of treating diseases. After your acupuncture session, you can resume all your normal activities.