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Sleep Wrinkles Are Real: Here’s What You Need To Know

30-Second Summary

⦁ Next to damaging UV rays from the sun, sleep is the second most common reason for developing wrinkles on your complexion.
⦁ The action of pressing your face against a pillow can have a tremendous impact on the aging of your face.
⦁ Fortunately, there are methods to prevent sleep wrinkles and help eliminate existing aging lines.
⦁ Some of these include sleeping on your back, using a silk or satin pillow, wearing a facial mask, and changing your nighttime skincare routine.
⦁ Use the best anti-wrinkle cream you can find before bed, preferably a night cream specifically, and add a retinol serum.
⦁ Choose a high-level skincare brand like Naked and Thriving for your nighttime products.

The Facts About Sleep Wrinkles

For the most part, regular wrinkles occur because as we age we lose collagen and elastin, and the skin becomes less firm. However, you may be surprised to know that another very common cause of aging skin is sleeping. Specifically, the action of pressing your skin against your pillow can lead to creases in your face which eventually may cause vertical wrinkles and fine lines.

In addition, it may lead to expansion of the skin on the face. An article in Aesthetic Surgery Journal[1] discussed sleep wrinkles in terms of facial distortion and aging while you sleep. If you’re concerned about night-time wrinkles, follow our simple guide to how to prevent this from happening – or to minimize it if it already has.

The 9 Best Methods For Preventing Sleep Wrinkles

It is possible to avoid getting sleep wrinkles with a few small changes in your routine. Now that you’re aware of the issue of night skin aging, it should be simple to apply a few of these methods.

⦁ Buy A Luxury Pillow Or Pillowcase

Many of the problems have to do with the roughness of the pillow and pillowcase you use, and how it grips your skin. It’s much easier on your complexion if you switch to a soft, smooth fabric like silk or satin.

They may be a little more costly, but they will be worth it in the long run in terms of the quality of your skin. One study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology[2] concluded that pillowcases with copper-oxide reduced wrinkle depth.

⦁ Change Your Sleep Position

Sleeping on your back can help avoid a lot of these problems because, in that position, your face is not pressed against anything. People tend to have their favorite ways of sleeping, and if that is not yours, see if you can retrain yourself. It is one of the best methods for preventing the development of new lines from creeping up on you.

⦁ Do A Morning Exercise Routine

If you can motivate yourself to do an early morning workout, it can boost the circulation in your skin and give it a rosy glow. As your night wrinkles are current, this can help to smooth them and support a healthy complexion. Of course, there are other benefits to a morning workout, like giving you energy for the day and sharpening your focus and alertness.

⦁ Get A Quality Sleep

Besides the wrinkles you can develop through contact with a pillow, the quality of your sleep has a tremendous impact on skin aging. Nighttime is when the skin rests and rejuvenates itself, repairs damage, and hydrates.

Interrupting that process on a regular basis could promote wrinkles and fine lines. One study concluded that chronic poor quality sleep might lead to signs of aging, decreased barrier function, and lower satisfaction with appearance.

⦁ Use A Quality Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Using high-quality, deeply hydrating night cream before you go to bed is essential in the prevention of wrinkles in your skin. The moisture can plump the skin, and this helps smooth wrinkles and lines and get rid of crows feet. The added volume may prevent new wrinkles from forming.

⦁ Wear A Nighttime Facial Mask

Wearing a facial mask at night is a great way to prevent your skin from folding or getting creases from pillows and other items on the bed. Make sure to choose a soft fabric that will be gentle on your face, like silk. A secondary benefit is that these masks block the light out completely, which may help improve the length and quality of your sleep.

⦁ Massage In The Morning

Right after you wake up in the morning, engage in a few minutes of gently massaging your face. It will get the circulation going in your skin, which can help smooth out those wrinkles from the night before. It’s just a few moments of your day, but it can make a big difference in undoing the damage of your night’s sleep.

⦁ Don’t Sleep On Your Hands.

Sleeping with the hands pressed against the face is a common habit that many people have, and it’s very detrimental to the skin. It can cause ridges and lines in the face as the weight of your hands can do a lot of damage. Make it a habit to sleep with your hands by your side to prevent this mistake.

⦁ Boost Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine

If you’re concerned about wrinkles and lines, add to your before-sleep skincare routine for extra protection and hydration. Make sure you choose a respected brand that makes quality products, like Naked and Thriving. Consider a rich nighttime serum with retinol and hyaluronic acid, which will give your skin moisture, repair damage, exfoliate, and eliminate signs of age.

The Final Word

When it comes to aging the skin, sleep can be a damaging culprit. However, you can easily avoid many pitfalls by following some of these simple suggestions. The main point is to prevent anything from pressing against your skin as you sleep so it will not create wrinkles.

Another important suggestion is to make sure to take excellent care of your skin, from exercising in the morning to improve circulation to using the best anti-wrinkle cream available to keep your collagen levels high.

These products can help smooth wrinkles and fine lines and get rid of crow’s feet. The quality of your sleep itself also has a tremendous impact on the health and hydration of your skin. If you sleep poorly, it can have a negative on your complexion and contribute to aging.

Over time, these methods could save you dozens of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, helping you stay as youthful as possible.