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What Makes A Perfect Smile?

Body language is a significant part of how we communicate as humans. You can deduce so much about how someone feels from the way they hold themselves and what they do with their body or facial expressions. When we look at these body languages, they can sometimes be difficult to read, but that isn’t the case for your smile. This simple, almost involuntary reaction instantly conveys a sense of happiness, comfort and pleasure with nothing more than the widening of your mouth.

A smile is such an important expression that should be on display whenever possible. However, unfortunately, many people are not happy with their smiles which stops them from expressing themselves. In fact, half of all Britons surveyed revealed that they are not happy with their teeth, which holds them back in life. Although a perfect smile is entirely subjective, we look at what makes a perfect smile and what you can do to get it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Okay, so even if you have perfect dental health and your teeth are whiter than white, it can be the case that you just don’t like the way you look when you smile. This is where practise can make perfect.

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Next time you have a minute, why not stand in front of the mirror and practise a few different smile techniques? By simply adjusting your eyes and practising your toothy grin or closed-lip “smize”, you might find something you like.

Look After Your Smile

Whether you like your smile or you don’t, it is vitally important to look after your teeth and gums with good dental hygiene. Make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to prevent any plaque build-up. Also, floss daily to ensure that you remove any stubborn bits of food, plaque or debris that could be stuck between your teeth.

Although taking good care of your teeth is enormously important, it won’t work without taking care of your lifestyle. Try limiting the number of sugary foods and drinks you consume and cut out tobacco completely to ensure the best dental health (and general health) possible.

Whiter Teeth

Research shows that whiter toothed smiles are more attractive than duller or discoloured grins. This might explain why teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK. Teeth whitening can be carried out at home with at-home whitening kits that range in price and effectiveness, or there are professional dental treatments that can remove any staining or discolouration and leave you with newfound confidence when it comes to flashing a smile.

Visit A Cosmetic Dentist

Although there are ways to look after your smile and feel better about your dental aesthetics, some people may want to go a step further when it comes to getting their dream smile. At your cosmetic dentist, they will be able to tell you which treatments are required to give you the dream smile.

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A cosmetic dentist can combine treatments such as Invisalign, teeth whitening, composite bonding, white spot removal and others to straighten, brighten and mould your teeth until you have the perfect smile.

Inner Confidence

Although we all want a whiter, straighter, more symmetrical smile, other factors make a smile “perfect”. Even the most so-called “perfect smile” cannot compete with authenticity. Only when you feel comfortable and confident inside can it be genuinely expressed on the outside. Try to find a way to love your imperfections and smile, and others will do the same.