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Are You Skipping Breakfast?

Have you been tired of hearing that you should not skip your breakfast every morning?

Do you find it difficult to take out time for breakfast every day?

Well, a lot of people don’t eat breakfast despite knowing that skipping your breakfast can have a bad effect on their health. It just doesn’t have a few bad effects on the health, instead, side effects of not eating breakfast can be quite serious and lead to severe health implications.

If you are wondering that how not having a meal can badly affect your health, then it’s important to comprehend that breakfast is not a simple meal, but, it’s something that you eat after a long night and spending 10 – 12 hours without eating.

The mornings are often the busiest time of the day when everybody is rushing and the clock is ticking. It’s the time when one focuses only on the absolute necessities and breakfast is not one of the most necessary things for many of us.

Either you are getting ready for office or school, or you are busy in fulfilling the morning responsibilities and forget the breakfast. But, the long term effects of not eating breakfast include a lot of health ailments. Also one of the biggest side effects of skipping breakfast is obesity.

If you are looking for some compelling and scientific reasons not to skip breakfast, then here is a long list of health issues which can arise due to skipping of breakfast.

Why You Should Not Skip Your Breakfast?

1. Provides Necessary Energy For the Day

Imagine waking up in the morning and rushing to your office, workplace or school without eating breakfast.

Would you have enough energy to take up the daily chores? No, you won’t have it and you will start feeling tired and lethargic right in the beginning of the day.

But, if you don’t skip the breakfast, it will restore your glucose levels, will give you enough energy while lowering down your stress levels. Furthermore, breakfast will have a positive effect on your mood and will keep your cognitive functions related to memory in the best shape.

2. It Keeps Your Diabetes In Control

One of the benefits of having the breakfast in the morning that it not only keeps diabetes under control but also reduces the chances of developing diabetes dramatically.

By having the breakfast every morning, one can regulate his/her appetite for the rest of the day and can manage the glucose levels.

Also, when you eat after a long time, the blood sugar spikes happen and worsen diabetes in the diabetic people while enhancing the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes in the ones who don’t have diabetes.

Skipping breakfast leads to chronic insulin resistance which can also be one of the contributing factors towards the development of diabetes.

3. Aids Weight Loss

It might be surprising but it’s true. By eating something in the morning, you can actually lose weight fast.

Most people believe that by avoiding the breakfast, they can reduce their calorie intake, but, skipping breakfast actually leads to slower metabolism, and weight gain.

When you eat breakfast in the morning, you help your body maintain optimum glucose levels. Also, it speeds up the metabolism which means you can burn calories much faster.

Also, you can try eating protein rich breakfast like eggs to suppress your appetite, which will help you avoid consuming any unhealthy food items during the day. Eggs keep you full for a longer period of time.

One of the facts that everyone must know is, when you don’t eat breakfast, you are actually keeping your body away for food for about 12 – 13 hours and your body consider it as an emergency situation. Consequently, it slows down the rate at which it burns calories and thus, you gain weight instead of losing it.

4. Protects Against The Heart Ailments

The people who indulge in eating a healthy and fat-free breakfast have a much lower risk of heart attack and other heart diseases as compared to the ones who skip it.

Skipping breakfast can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and hypertension, and all these factors increase the risk of heart ailments.

As per the Harvard School of Public Health, a regular habit of skipping the breakfast can increase the risk of the serious coronary heart diseases by as much as 27%.

5. Reduces The Occurrence of a Migraine

Skipping breakfast is among the worst migraine triggers. If you don’t eat your breakfast before walking out of the house, it may only increase the risk of a migraine.

So, even if you are getting late, have a small bowl of papaya or any other fruit or have something lighter, but don’t stay empty stomach.

6. Breakfast Boosts Your Overall Health

Breakfast acts as the fuel for the body and provides the necessary energy that our body needs to manage all the functions.

Breakfast provides the required energy and glucose to the body organs and as a result, they are able to carry out their regular functions effectively.

When all your body organs are functioning normally and your cells are getting required energy, you will become fit and healthy, and won’t fall ill easily.

So, now you must have understood that what happens if you skip breakfast every day. Indeed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

What To Eat For Breakfast?

The disadvantages of skipping your breakfast are too many that one should not take skipping it lightly. Each day, when you miss your breakfast, you are missing an opportunity to improve your health, boost your body’s ability to fight diseases, stay fit and keep your weight under control.

You can choose any healthy food items for your breakfast which can give you energy. Don’t eat a fat rich or heavy breakfast, instead, focus more on eating healthy carbohydrates in the form of cereals and whole grains. You can have Oats, Muesli, Dalia (broken wheat) or cereals for breakfast. You can add nuts like almonds, raisins, walnuts, etc. to your breakfast.

Milk can be taken, but don’t only have milk. You can eat some good soothing fruits in the morning like papaya, but don’t eat citrus fruits. Take your breakfast within an hour of waking up and you can also try some good breakfast recipes which are quick to make but full of nutrition.

So, right from today onwards, make it a point that whatever happens, you will not skip your breakfast!!