low carbohydrate diet
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Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low carbohydrate diet or low glycemic diet is not stop eating food but choosing certain food items that contain lower level of carb such as Sugar Busters, Protein Power etc. Low carb diet plans that do not abide by a strict format, but recommends limiting the intake of a number of foods that have high carbohydrate content. Certain diets control the amount of carbohydrate on the whole, where as others concentrate on some kinds of foods, usually ones high in sugars and starch. And some others take into account how glycemic the diet is.

How does a low carb diet work?

All low carb diets are based on the same principle which is limitation of carbohydrates and addition of protein and fat. By getting rid of carbohydrates from your diet, you effectively decrease the glucose production. Glucose is essential for regulating weight and blood sugar. The body is forced to rely on storage resources as no fresh carbohydrates enter the body. Burning of these carbohydrates results in production of water. This in turn leads to loss of water weight. When the body has utilized all the stored carbohydrates, it will turn to fats for energy.  The body will burn the fats and get the energy it needs. Thus you lose weight.

What kind of foods you will be eating while under taking a low carb diet?

When you are taking a low carb diet you will have to stop the consumption of starchy foods. You will have to bid adieu to pasta, bread, cookies, potatoes and many such foods. One good thing is that you can eat foods containing eggs, bacon, cheese and butter. Each plan slightly varies from the other. Certain less strict plans allow whole grains. Also most plans are accompanied by daily exercise recommendations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of low carb diets?

The advantage of low carb diets is that it has become more acceptable with conventional healthcare professionals. Researches show that low carb diet helps those persons who seek to lose weight and body cholesterol to achieve their goals.

The disadvantage of low carb diet is that there are critics who say that low carb diets can prove harmful to the person’s health in a long term due to high fat intake.

How to get started with a low carb diet?

To get started with a low carb diet you can follow these steps.

  1. You should become informed about the concept of low carb diets. For this you can read various books on low carb diets and be clear of the idea behind the low carb diets.
  2. As there is no one low carb diet you will be left with various options. So you should decide on an approach. There are various plans ranging from strict ones to semi strict ones. So you should red through various resources and select the approach that suits you.
  3. You should think about what you can eat rather than what you can’t eat.
  4. Well begun is half success secured. So you should plan your first week’s diet well.
  5. On the course of your plan if you face any difficulties then you can ask for suggestions from those who have already gone through your phase.