drills for perfect waistline
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5 Easy Drills for Perfect Waistline

Sure you can hide the imperfection of your skin behind those famed beauty products but there’s no way you can hide those unsightly love handles that surrounds your waistline.

Don’t you feel a little envious when you look at the lean bodies of women athletes? They have energy and sexy lean muscles all through. The reason for this is that they workout the entire body, not just targeting problem areas and they workout with the aim of gaining more energy and strength rather than lose weight.

When you begin to enjoy the workouts and forget the reps, you become more agile and fast.

Before you begin these workouts, make a ladder setup by placing markers on the ground. This should resemble a ladder. You can use anything for markers like stones, pencils or even chalks. Keep a distance of approximately 18-20 inches between the markers and spread them over a space of 10 yards.

Now given below are 5 easy drills that you can get started with every day as a workout or as a warm up:

 1. Walking back and forth – Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width distance and with your knees bent a little. Now walk back 5 yards quickly and then forward just as quickly. Increase your pace and distance and add a little variety to the exercises.

2. Back and forth hops – Use the ladder setup for this drill. Stand next to the marker with your knees slightly bent, so that your body faces the strips. Hop into a ladder space and then hop back. Hop into the next ladder space till you cover all the strips.

3. Knee stepping –Raise your knee so that your thigh is parallel to the floor and with your eyes fixed at a point approximately a yard ahead, step between each marker, till you reach the end of the ladder. When you moving, ensure that your elbows are at an angle of 90 degrees. Move them with each high step. When you reach the other end of the ladder, continue moving in the opposite direction.

4. Lateral slides – With your feet placed at shoulder width and your knees bent, slide about 3 yards to your side and then to the starting position. Do it fast and repeat it 5 times.

5. Four-corner drill – This is by far the best drill that you can do. It is fun to do and serves as a complete workout. It will be more interesting to do if you have a partner while doing it. Do it in a square space of 5 yards. Place markers to mark the four corners and mark the center point too. Stand at the center and jog in place. Rush to one corner and then jog back to the center without turning back and continue jogging. Your partner can keep pointing out the mark where you have to jog to. Do this for 15 seconds.

At the end of the workout, remember to drink a lot of water as your body loses water during the workouts. With perseverance, you will have a body that others will be envious of.