back pain during pregnancy
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Back Pain During Pregnancy

The days can become entirely weary for a woman in her second trimester who is experiencing back pain. The majority of women who experience this pain find it annoying. In some cases, they simply purchase a body pillow, and deal with it. Others, who have a past trauma to their back may seek out medical treatment. The course of action depends on your situation and where your pain threshold lies. The pain that you feel in your lower back should not impede your movement. Women who simply experience aches and pains, will still be able to move. However, if the pain is intolerable, it may be time to seek out other forms of treatment.

Back pain is not a rare occurrence in pregnant women. In fact, the majority of women who experience it, began in the second trimester. This the the period of time when the body begins to move and stretch, therefore causing a woman to have a hard time carrying the weight. The uterus expands, the center of gravity is thrown off and hormones loosen the joints. All of this is done naturally, and the inadequate posture that most pregnant women begin to take on is also a way of compensating for the changes in their bodies. Many professionals are available to treat and help with the strain that your body is going through.

Women typically continue to work through their second trimester. Work that may have been easy before the pregnancy can now become very taxing. Long periods of sitting or standing can easily cause a woman to have persistent spinal issues and inadequate posture. If you are sitting for long periods of time, your OBGYN may even advise that you elevate your feet. This will ensure ease some of the pressure on your back. Also, if you are standing for long periods of time then experts advise propping your feet up on something to give your body a small lapse in pressure.

There are options that you can do at home to  help relieve the pain and there are options that you can do at work. Many women, never seek outside treatment for back pain and take it for granted that it is something that is “normal” and part of pregnancy. Extreme back pain should not be something a pregnant woman has to endure. All of the avenues that are available for pain management should be checked into, because they will ensure that your pregnancy is happy and healthy.

Top Five Tips To Prevent Lower Back Pain:


  • Ensure that your posture is always upright.
  • Try not to sit for long periods of time.
  • Try not to stand for excessively long periods of time.
  • Practice a series of pelvic tilts to maximize strength in that area.
  • Always ensure that you are drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet.

The diet, stretching and strengthening of your body are detrimental to preventing and managing your lower back pain. In some cases a woman may have experienced trauma to her lower back. In this case, prevention and the use of a medical professional are typically the best routes. The chiropractor is fully trained in spinal manipulations on pregnancy women. However, each pregnancy is done on a case by case basis, and each spine is unique. So the doctor will examine you before planning a course of action. Many women are afraid to experience more pain and in some cases this is why they avoid a chiropractor altogether. Chiropractic care has been studied and researched. In a recent Obstetrics study researchers found that at least 79 percent of women who were experiencing painful lower back issues were able to have relief from spinal adjustments.

Types Of Medical Professionals Who Help With Lower Back Pain


  • Chiropractors evaluate, treat and ensure that the patient has a regime to practice at home.
  • Massage therapists, utilize basic manipulations in order to ensure that your back will be pain free.
  • Acupuncturists, treat lower back pain during pregnancy only after you have been treated by a chiropractor.

Whatever your level of pain, it may behoove you to check out a chiropractor. Women who have had prior pregnancies, twin or multiple births or trauma to their lower back will have a higher chance of experiencing serious back pain. In some cases, women who had prior trauma were not able to work through their second trimester.

Lower Back Trauma


  • Women who have given birth to twins, or multiples have a higher chance of severe back issues during a subsequent pregnancy.
  • Car accidents can cause unknown trauma to the lower back that may exhibit itself during pregnancy.
  • Women who have had a prior pregnancy increase their chances of lower back pain.

Women and pain should not go hand in hand. Pregnancy is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed. It is a memory in the making and many women who attempt to weave their lower back pain in with it, loose the full enjoyment of the situation. Lower back pain relief is simply a phone call or a visit away.