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Common Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, one of the common forms of cancer has become quite prevalent among women these days, especially, the ones who have crossed the age of 40. Like other diseases, it also sends signals to the body which we call as the “breast cancer signs and symptoms“, and if detected early, the chances of saving the life become relatively high.

Cancer, which is characterized by the multiplication of cancer cells in the body is one of the most life threatening diseases. When they get the right environment, the cancer cells start swiftly increasing in number and affect the body parts.

Breast cancer originates from the milk duct’s inner lining in the breast and then spread to the other parts of the body. Lumps in the breast are considered one of the biggest breast cancer symptomsand most women get themselves diagnosed when a lump appears on their breast. But, is it the only way to identify the breast cancer?

Unlike many diseases, the breast cancer is a quieter disease that does not exhibit many signs until it’s very late. So, if you are wondering that how to know if you have breast cancerthen there are some signs and symptoms to watch for.

Though, the early signs of the breast cancer differ from woman to woman. If you carefully examine your body, you would be able to identify the breast cancer symptoms if you are suffering from it.

What Causes Cancer?

Though, the exact and precise cause of the breast cancer is unknown, but, there are some risk factors which increase the chances of getting diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the facts related to the breast cancer is that it is always caused by the damage to the DNA of the cell.

Also, it is also not sure that the factors which are responsible for causing cancer in one woman will also cause cancer in the other women. A family history of the breast cancer and excessive oxidative damage are considered as the top risk factors.

Contrary to what many people believe, the microwaves, deodorants, caffeine, cell phones and contact with someone who is suffering from breast cancer do not cause it.

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

1. Lump In The Breast

The lumps on the breasts are considered a definitive sign of cancer. Usually, cancer appears as a hard knot or lump in the breast area. It might appear on one or both the breasts.

A lump may not always rise above the breast skin and become easily visible That’s why, it is advised that women must regularly indulge in a self-examination of the breast, and should properly check the skin around the breast to find out if there are any lumps hidden inside the skin.

2. Nipple Discharge

One of the common signs of breast cancer that many women experience is blood stained or brown colored discharge from the nipples.

If you are not pregnant or are lactating, and still experience any discharge from breasts, you must immediately visit the doctor.

3. Change in the Appearance of the Nipples

Usually, the breast cancer affects the area lying under the nipples and due to this, some changes may be observed in the appearance and sensitivity of the nipples.

The nipples may become inverted or flattened, they may itch, there may be some discharge from the nipples and the sensitivity of the nipples may also decrease due to breast cancer.

4. Swelling or Lumps in the Armpit

If you have a lump in your armpit region or you sometimes feel the pain in your underarms, then it’s a matter of concern.

Some women also experience the thickening of the tissues in the armpit region. So, if you have been experiencing these symptoms of breast cancer, then you must visit your doctor immediately.

5. Swollen or Red Breasts

If you are experiencing swelling in your breast area, or any pain in them, or the color of the breasts or nipples is turning red, then it is one of the warning signs of breast cancer and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Also, if one of the breasts hangs down lower or becomes oval in shape or sticks to one side as compared to the other one, then it might also be one of the ways your body uses to make you aware of the ailment.

6. Change In The Breast’s Skin Texture

Normally, the skin around the breasts is very supple, soft and plump, but, if, off lately, you have been experiencing any change in the skin’s texture of the skin around the breasts, then it is one the definite warning signs of breast cancer.

As per the health experts, if the skin around the breasts becomes hard, thick or like an orange peel, then you must get yourself diagnosed for breast cancer immediately.

7. Slight Hardening

Most often, a lump appears on the breasts and it is considered as a typical indicator of the breast cancer. But, some women might not have a lump on the breast but have a “lumpish” feeling.

Some women experience hardening of a specific area of the breast or a minor change in the breast’s composition. It can be an early breast cancer symptom which must not be ignored.

8. Pain In Neck, Shoulders or Upper Back

One of the most uncommon and ignored warning signs of the breast cancer is the frequent and severe pain in the neck, shoulder or upper back region. Most of the women confuse this sign with sole muscles or a pulled tendon.

So, if you have been experiencing any pain in any of these regions on a regular basis, you must not ignore it and discuss with a breast cancer specialist immediately.

The aforementioned early signs of breast cancer can make you aware of the ailment and act as a warning. So, get yourself diagnosed right now of you have experienced any of these signs or are currently experiencing.

The earlier you start your breast cancer treatmentthe higher are the chances of becoming healthy again and defeating cancer. Always remember, apart from the medical treatment, you can also try some home remedies for breast cancer like “soursop” to kill the cancer cells in your body.