exploring health & fitness with your child
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Exploring Health & Fitness with Your Child

When we think of fitness, we automatically think of running and training hard. For children it looks quite different and is a matter of getting them active which can be as simple as walking. Exercise is crucial for the development of their muscles and healthy bones, so children are recommended to get at least one hour into their day. We’ve teamed up with a private school in London to share guidance and tips for parents on how it can be achieved.

Educate Them on Its Importance

The body is truly fascinating and something you can explore with your child. There are muscles, bones and tendons that connect them together. The body contains more than 600 muscles and infants have 270 bones. Learning these cool facts and how each organ works can help them in understanding the importance of exercise and get them on board.


Exercise doesn’t need to be boring. It can be quite enjoyable and something they look forward to. Games like football, rounders, basketball and even running contests are fun ways to get children to exercise and engage their efforts. A sports club could be a great way for them to make it a part of their routine. There are also many other benefits, like the social aspects of working within a team and the fulfilment they will get from working towards their goals. Schools host a wide range of outdoor extracurricular activities like those mentioned which can make the arrangements easier for you as a parent.

Types of Exercise

There are two types of exercise; aerobic (cardio that gets the heart pumping) and those that strengthen muscles and bones. Children need a combination of both and should take part in a range of activities of different intensity. Below are examples of each to give you an idea of what to explore with your child.

Examples of Aerobic Exercise for Children


Activities to Strengthen Muscles and Bones

Martial arts

What we’ve not included on this list are the exercises that we do without even realising, like doing chores which we often overlook.

Manage Screen Time

While this is great, it’s not so straightforward for some parents as there’s the struggle of getting them off their devices and outdoors. Implementing screen time restrictions can be made easy through parental controls built into the devices themselves. You can set time limits on how long your child’s allowed to use them which locks them out once up.

Try and Walk to School

Walking to school is possibly one of the easiest ways that you can fit exercise in their daily routine. They will make the journey there and back 5 days a week which will significantly contribute to the 1 hour they are recommended to spend exercising every day. If however you live further afield and it’s not realistic to walk the entire length, try parking a little further away from the school gates. It will create a longer walk than they otherwise would do, adding a few steps to their overall count.

Make it Exciting

You can look at ways to make each activity exciting, like a walk by walking to your local park or to see their friends.

Make An Effort Yourself

Children look up to their parents, so it’s important that you lead by example and also follow suit. Whether you join them or choose to take a sport of your own, it will send a positive message and reinforce the importance of staying fit and healthy.

The Consequences of Leading an Unhealthy Lifestyle

While you shouldn’t frighten your child into exercising, learning where an unhealthy lifestyle can lead can offer some insight and help them understand the gravity of the lifestyle choices they make. It can result in obesity and a number of related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

A Note to Conclude On

Exercise is great. It has amazing health benefits and can teach children good habits for the future. However, it isn’t the end all and be all. It’s important that they still have time to play and have fun whilst doing it. Ultimately if they aren’t, it won’t be something they enjoy and want to continue with.