Singing Helps Reduce Stress
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How Singing Helps Reduce Stress

Does singing help with stress and depression?

Autumn is fast approaching, a time of year correlated with a higher prevalence of predilection for depression, despondency, lowered mood among the public, and increased stress levels.

Putting everything on less sunshine, cold weather, gray outside the windows, and an increase in the number of responsibilities and the vision of another vacation only next year, some people treat the decline in mood and energy as a natural turn of events and do not try to counteract the effects of the arrival of autumn, while others are looking for methods, a buffer for this more difficult time.

Recognizing one’s weaknesses or mental well-being requires a lot of self-awareness and courage because we usually deny something that turns out to be painful. If we don’t speak out about the problem, it may seem that it doesn’t exist.

Uninteresting autumn-winter episode

Unfortunately, as children, we were not properly equipped with self-healing and self-soothing skills. We spend the months under the slogan: so long as it’s summer. We don’t react early enough to our body’s red flags and warning signals. Still, as a substitute, we have high adaptive skills, especially when it comes to situations that are not comfortable or healthy for us.

The arrival of autumn requires quick intervention at the very beginning of this season while we still have reserves of strength to fight for ourselves and our comfort in life. Do you tend to have a lowered mental well-being?

Are you wondering if there are methods for autumn despondency? Are there interests, activities, and passions that can be developed in the autumn-winter period?

Does singing help with depression and stress? The answer is a simple and sure YES! But how can we sing if we live in a place where it is crowded and the neighbors can hear every sound? Well, this solution should help Acoustic Pods. It will help you to get rid of autumn and winter depression.

Singing as an Antidepressant

For more than a decade, scientists have been searching for an explanation for why singing has a calming and energizing effect on people. Studies have shown that singing releases endorphins and oxytocin, which reduce stress levels, soothe feelings of loneliness and alienation, and make us happy and content.

In addition, while singing, the amount of cortisol, which is responsible for stress, is reduced. Controlling breathing, relaxing the throat and larynx, and the phenomenon of resonance, or perceptible vibrations, change the physical and mental state.

Oxygenation of the body, although it already seems quite a cliché text, the importance of oxygen for properly functioning the body and spirit is a fact. Doctors unanimously emphasize the need for normal oxygenation and physical and mental activity to maintain well-being and health. So, all in all, it is worth preparing for our vocal adventures with such Acoustic Pods. They will give us freedom and certainty that no one will hear us.


The fastest way to deal with stress is to face the life situations that cause it. Do not worry about things that are not up to us and that we cannot change in any way. Often an excess of responsibilities causes a breakdown and a decrease in self-confidence. It is worthwhile to realize our own worth to be able to solve any problem and fulfill any task set before us.

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Therefore, singing will be a good solution. Words and music will help us with our vocal adventures, help us hear our voices, and relax, leading to the disappearance of drugs and depressive states. It is also worth remembering to respect our surroundings and think about buying one of the Acoustic Pods, which will allow us to fully expel unnecessary thoughts and disturbances.