meditation and yoga to relieve stress
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Using Meditation and Yoga to Relieve Stress and Quit Smoking

It can be hard to quit smoking. One of the reasons it’s so hard is that many people turn to smoking any time they feel stressed. It offers them a form of relief due to the high they receive from the nicotine. This is why you must learn to deal with your stress before you can quit smoking. Two ways people handle stress is through meditation and yoga. While it may seem strange, both of these methods can actually help you quit smoking once and for all. Let’s take a closer look at using meditation and yoga to relieve stress and quit smoking.



Meditation is one of the most calming activities you can practice. One of the most common forms of meditation requires emptying your mind and focusing on an object or your own breathing. Many find it easier to focus on their breathing because focusing on an object can lead to the mind jumping from subject to subject, like a runaway train. However, when you focus on the simple act of inhaling and exhaling, you are able to let go of all the thoughts that are stressing you out. A regular practice of meditation will not only help your beat stress, but your addiction to smoking.



Yoga is another wonderful way to beat stress. The practice of yoga deals not only with long stretching movements and finding your balance, but focusing on your breathing is also part of the exercise. You have to be very conscious of your body, which takes your mind off any inner turmoil. People who practice yoga on a regular basis claim to experience better mental health and are able to control everything from depression to stress. You can find yoga exercise videos online, but you can also find classes in most community colleges and gyms. However, you must remember to start with beginner’s courses or you could risk injury.

Many bad habits stem from stress and then continue as a way to relieve stress. However, you can relieve your stress through natural methods, which will in turn help you beat your addiction. Meditation and yoga are both wonderful ways to improve mental health. A daily practice of both methods will help you reduce stress levels and the need to smoke. While it won’t happen overnight, both methods are natural, cost-effective, and beneficial to your overall health. Why not start on the road to recovery and end your addiction once and for all?