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Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

The kidney stones have become one of the common diseases these days, and no one can deny that how painful this can be. Most doctors recommend surgical procedures or heavy medications to get rid of the kidney stones, but, many people wonder that how to pass kidney stones painlessly or are there any natural ways to eliminate kidney stones without any surgery?

Yes, there are some natural remedies that can help in eliminating the kidney stones. These home remedies offer the natural way to remove kidney stone at home which is free from any side effects.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones can be classified as the small masses of the minerals and salts or the crystallized lumps which form inside the kidney or the urinary tract.

Kidneys detoxify the blood and remove the liquid waste from the body in the form of urine. Sometimes, this waste forms tiny crystals which clump together to form the hard, solid masses which can vary in size. These are known as kidney stones, and these can affect various organs of the body apart from causing immense discomfort.

This phenomenon is known as nephrolithiasis, and if these stones are in the urinary tract, it is referred to as urolithiasis. If the stone sits in the kidney and is of small size, it does not cause much pain. But, when it enters the ureter or the urinary tract and prevents the urine from passing normally, it can build up immense pressure while sometimes causing swelling in the kidneys. That’s why an early treatment of stones is very important.

Types of Kidney Stones

Calcium Stones

These are among the most commonly occurring stones, and over 80% of the kidney stone patients have this kind of stone. These stones are formed by the calcium oxalate, and the people who eat high oxalates rich foods such as spinach, beetroots, chocolate, peanuts and potato chips are at a higher risk of developing this type of stones.

Uric Acid Stones

The uric acid stones get developed when the urine is too acidic, and these occur more in women as compared to men. Chemotherapy may also be a reason behind the uric acid stones.

Cystine Stones

These are the rarest stones, and these can occur in both men and women. These are caused by a genetic disorder known as “cystinuria”, in which a naturally occurring acid gets leaked from the kidneys into the urine.

Struvite Stones

Due to the presence of some specific types of bacteria, the chemical balance of the urine gets affected, and as a result, the struvite stones are created. These stones are made up of phosphate, ammonium, and magnesium. These are also known as infection stones and are more common in women.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Severe pain on one side of the back or in the abdominal region is one of the most common symptoms of the kidney stones. But, sometimes, if the stone is resting in the kidney, it may not cause the pain. The pain starts when the stones move to the ureter.

The other signs and symptoms through which one can find out that they might be having from kidney stones include:

  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Passing smaller amounts of urine every time
  • Foul smelling or discolored urine
  • Signs of blood in the urine
  • Chills, nausea, and fever
  • Back pain

How To Prevent The Kidney Stones Formation in the Body?

There are a few ways to which we can prevent the kidney stones from forming in the body, and avoid any painful procedures to remove them.

  • Staying hydrated helps in diluting the stone forming substances, and thus, the chances of crystallization of the waste products decrease significantly. Lots of fluid intakes imply frequent disposal of the waste from the body.
  • Increase your intake of citric acid by eating more lemons, the Indian gooseberry or amla, oranges, and grapefruits. Citric acid helps in preventing both, stone formation and stone enlargement in the kidney.
  • Consume enough calcium, as the apt amount of calcium intake, can prevent kidney stones from forming. Calcium may bind itself with oxalates, and prevent them from getting absorbed.
  • Reduce your salt intake because sodium contained in the salt may increase the amount of calcium excreted with urine.
  • Increase your magnesium intake as it helps in decreasing the oxalate absorption while reducing the risk of kidney stones. Tofu, legumes, and avocados are a good source of magnesium.
  • Don’t indulge in consuming high amounts of protein derived from animal sources. Instead, try to seek protein from natural plant sources.

Natural Ways To Dissolve Kidney Stones At Home Without Any Surgery

1. Watermelons

Watermelon is one of the exceptional summer fruits with the highest amount of water.

Watermelons are not only rich in water, but are a good source of potassium too, which helps in accelerating the process of elimination of the stones from the kidney.

You must consume high amounts of watermelon two – three times a day, and eat it every day till all your stones get dissolved and are flushed out of the body.

Kidney stones can also be removed with the help of the watermelon seeds.

What To Do?

Take 4 tablespoons of fresh watermelon seeds and grind them. Boil 8 cups of water and add the ground seeds into the boiled water. Let them steep for 10 – 15 minutes and then, let it cool. Strain the water and drink this tea throughout the day.

Do it continuously it for two days to get relief from the stones in the kidney.

2. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is one of the best natural remedies for flushing out the kidney stones from the body.

The anti-oxidants present in the pomegranate help in detoxifying the kidneys and decreasing acidity levels of the urine are also decreased. As the acidity levels in the urine start decreasing, the kidney stones start dissolving in the urine and are easily passed out of the body.

What To Do?

Consume fresh pomegranate or drink one or two glasses of fresh pomegranate juice regularly to get rid of the stones in the kidney.

Ensure that you consume fresh pomegranate juice and not the packaged one.

3. Radish Juice

Radishes are among the most commonly available vegetables, and these are rich in the detoxification properties.

Radishes can even remove the most stubborn kidney stones by enhancing the urination process.

Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of white radishes help them to reduce the swellings caused by the stones in the kidney.

What To Do?

Extract the juice of one peeled white radish and drink 100 ml of this freshly squeezed juice every morning, preferably empty stomach to get rid of the stones in the kidney.

Do it for a few days continuously until the time you get the desired results.

4. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are an excellent way to get rid of stones from the kidney, as these are full of nutrients required to flush out the stones of the body.

The kidney beans are also high in fiber, and thus, are very effective against the kidney or bladder problems.

What To Do?

Eat one cup of freshly soaked and boiled kidney beans daily until the time you get relief from the problem.

Ensure that you aren’t using the canned variety of the kidney beans, as they contain high amounts of sodium which is unhealthy for the kidney.

5. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is full of vital nutrients which make it a perfect addition to your day to day diet. The wheatgrass juice is not just effective for treating the stones, but also in several other kidney ailments.

Being a good source of B Vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids, iron, potassium, and magnesium, it helps the kidneys to function properly.

What To Do?

Mix one glass of wheatgrass juice with one teaspoon of the basil leaves juice and lemon juice, and drink it two – three times a day.

6. Whole Grains and Bran

As per a study conducted by the American Society of Nephrology, the whole grain-rich diet can significantly increase our fiber intake and help in reducing the kidney stones.

Apart from fiber the whole grains and bran are rich in minerals and vitamins, and thus, these provide the necessary nutrients required by the kidney to dissolve the stones.

Also, the fiber present in the bran and whole grains combines with the calcium in the intestine, due to which, this calcium gets eliminated from the body with the stool instead of urine. As a result, the calcium content in the urine decreases and, thereby, cut down the risk of developing the stones in the kidney.

The whole grains are also rich in magnesium and that’s why you must increase your whole grain and bran intake.

What To Do?

Eat bran flakes, whole grain bread, bran rich flour, wheat bread and whole grain cereals on regular basis.

7. Raw Celery

Celery is rich in diuretic and antispasmodic properties, and thus, helps in increasing the amount of urine passed out by the body. As a result, the stones dissolve in the urine and are flushed out.

Also, the anti-spasmodic properties help celery to clear out the toxins from the body and reduce the formation of the kidney stones.

What To Do?

Drink one glass of fresh and raw celery juice twice a day to ease the problem of the stones on the kidney.

Drink the herbal tea made from the celery seeds to reduce the stones formation and treat the uric acid stones in the kidney.

8. Banana Stem

Banana stem is rich in  Vitamin B6 and potassium, and thus, is very effective in treating the kidney stones.

When consumed with the lemon juice, it forms potassium citrate, which effectively dissolves the kidney stones while flushing the calcium crystals out from the body.

What To Do?

Soak one cup of a chopped banana stem in water for about half an hour. After that, blend the soaked stem in the same water and add one-two tablespoons of the lemon juice along with some salt in this blend.

Strain it and drink it on an empty stomach. Do it for a few days to get the desired results.

9. Basil Leaves

Basil, one of the best herbs with an array of health benefits is exceptionally good in treating the kidney stones.

Basil leaves juice acts as a natural tonic for dissolving the kidney stones naturally without any pain.

What To Do?

You need to prepare the basil tea by using 5 – 6 basil leaves. Take a cup of boiling hot water and add the basil leaves to it. Let it steep for 10 – 12 minutes, and then strain the tea. Add some honey to it and drink the tea when it is still warm.

Have this tea twice or thrice a day to get the maximum benefit. Repeat the entire process for a couple of days till you start feeling the relief.

10. Asparagus

Asparagus is not just rich in fiber, but also contains a vital compound called “asparagine” which is very effective in breaking the kidney stones.

These compounds help in sloughing off the edges of the kidney stones and keeps on making smaller in size. The smaller stones easily pass through the urine.

Asparagus also helps in increasing the flow of urine, and thus, it becomes much easier to flush out the stones with the urine.

What To Do?

Increase your asparagus intake. You can have the baked, steamed or even fresh asparagus. Make asparagus a vital part of all our recipes, or simply bake them with little olive oil and black pepper, and eat as a side dish.

11. Coconut Water

The fresh coconut water helps in increasing the ant of urine passed by an individual and thus, is effective in hydrating the body and flushing out the kidney stones.

Also, the potassium present in the coconut water helps in alkalizing the acid in the urine and accelerates the stone dissolution.

While coconut oil has a lot of benefits as well, but, it can’t be used for the kidney stones treatment.

What To Do?

Drink fresh coconut water two-three times a day, and drink it regularly for one week to get the desired results.

Ensure that you are not drinking the packaged coconut water, and don’t drink more than three glasses a day as its excessive consumption may impact the hearts’ health.

12. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice mixed with the olive oil is one of the most effective remedies for expelling the gallbladder stones, and it can also be used for treating the kidney stones.

Lemon is rich in the citric acid, which helps in breaking down the calcium-based kidney stones, and the smaller pieces of kidney stones are easier to flush out with urine.

Also, the citric acid helps in preventing the formation of the further stones.

What To Do?

Mix four tablespoons each of olive oil and lemon juice, and drink this mixture. After that, consume plenty of water. Drink this blend two to three times a day, and repeat it for three consecutive days. However, if you pass the stone early, you can stop taking the further doses.

Also, use extra virgin edible olive oil for this remedy.

Now, you must have comprehended that how to dissolve kidney stones naturally without requiring any drugs or surgical process.

But, if you are seeking ways for how to pass a kidney stone in 24 hours, then it’s vital to understand that only in 2% – 5% cases, the kidney stones get flushed out from the body within 24 hours. In the rest of the scenario, one has to wait for some time.

When To Consult The Doctor?

If you have been trying the home remedies for kidney stones for quite some time, like a couple of weeks and have not been able to get rid of the stones from the kidney, then you must consult your doctor and get yourself diagnosed

Sometimes, the home remedies aren’t able to deliver the desired results and then, you need medical attention to get relief from the painful kidney stones.