to masturbate or not
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To Masturbate Or Not

Since time immemorial, religious scholars, doctors, and laypeople alike have debated the subject of masturbation. As children, we are taught not to masturbate, and as it is a dirty and evil thing to do.

Both men and women feel ashamed and only starting in the 1960s did we begin examining our stance on our sexuality and the role of masturbation plays in it. However, there is one question that is being asked, even today. “Is masturbation good for you or not.”

Today, we are going to answer this question for you, and you will learn a few things about masturbation and the biological imperatives and drives that are behind our need for sex in some other manner than just for procreation. We will look at not only masturbation but what is the difference and benefits between what is considered normal intercourse as well.

How often can you masturbate daily safely?

Boils down to your libido, testosterone levels, and most importantly, how do you feel afterward. Because the only criteria that can be found by all the experts are whether or not the amount of masturbation you are doing feels good or whether you feel miserable afterward. In this instance, masturbation is not a good thing.

The experts also say masturbation is a natural function and there is nothing evil about doing it. In the wild, monkeys and the great apes often masturbate 3 to 10 times a day. This is even when females are in heat and readily available. It is only social custom, society’s norms, and religious beliefs that want to control your Sexual activities.

This controlling of sex as a means to get you to fit into their niche that they want to conform to, remember two of the founders of major religions only had strictures put on sex by the people who came after them and organized their religion’s structure. This allowed them to make people feel guilty about a normal biological function.

Is there a difference between masturbation and regular intercourse?

Surprisingly there is. In normal intercourse, certain endorphins and other brain chemicals are released into the bloodstream.

During masturbation, however, many of these chemicals are not released, and even the semen takes on a different structure. So, some mechanism within the brain and body knows the difference between masturbation and regular intercourse.

The amount of semen released during masturbation is less than the amount of semen released if you have not had sex with your partner for two or more months before intercourse.

Again, the semen changes its structure, and particular sperm cells change into what we would call “Blockers” that seem to be like soldiers looking for other sperm cells and home in on them like drones to attack them. This is all been well documented in the book entitled, “Sperm Wars” by Robin Baker. Somehow there is a biochemical message being sent that not only knows how long it’s been since intercourse was last held, and based on this timing assumes that the female may have had intercourse between sessions.

The male produces much more sperm than if intercourse occurs with more frequency. This is sort of like topping off the gas in your automobile. The longer between sessions means that the female may have had other partners.

During masturbation, however, the activities mentioned above do not take place. Instead, the amount of sperm released is reduced to only a tablespoon or two. It’s as if the body was saving itself for actual intercourse.

What about female masturbation?

Women require much more stimulation than the male. A man can ejaculate merely by imagining a female while touching oneself. Women are stimulated more and aroused with certain physical attributes during certain times of their monthly cycle, and during the period just before ovulation, masturbation takes on an entirely different character. The desire for masturbation seems to be put on hold, and the subconscious mind seems to take over and cause the female to seek actual intercourse in place of masturbation.

In this instance, certain masculine attributes are sought out to create the best genetic offspring. Some experts believe up to 30% of children born in America are the result of this. It often happens without the female’s conscious control, and perhaps that is why humankind has such a fixation on keeping one’s mate or partner close by. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom is that humanity is immune to subconscious urges, as we have become more civilized.

The female can have just as high a libido as the male but in American society.

The man is considered to be the sexual aggressor, and when a woman takes on the role, she is viewed differently.

In Asian societies, masturbation within the female community is an accepted way of dealing with these urges while in America…

American women are taught to be ashamed of their bodies and their needs.

This is foisted on the female by not only religious organizations but also male dominated society in general. In addition, masturbation is from the as it allows them to take control of their own needs and desires without the permission of a male.

This, of course, is one of the major hot buttons between male and female interactions within societies throughout the world.

The Bottom Line

While masturbation doesn’t give the same benefits of regular intercourse, health wise. It is still an important way to alleviate stress, promote positive well-being, and provides a healthy way of filling one’s needs. The only negatives are, if masturbation is taken to excess to the point where physical damage to the person who is masturbating occurs, leads to violence and antisocial behaviors, and in some way violates the rights of others.

However, in certain countries, masturbation is considered illegal and is a punishable offense. In extreme totalitarian regimes, it can even result in death. In most all other circumstances, masturbation is harmless and is an acceptable alternative to straight intercourse.

This is also far safer as with the number of STDs, and the spread of AIDS can make ordinary intercourse dangerous.

Therefore, with the negatives aside, Masturbation is not as good as straight sex. However, you won’t go blind, and the amount of masturbation, you do in a given time, should only be governed by your lifestyle and whether or not you’re feeling good about yourself afterward.