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How Our Eyes Can Predict Disease

A lot are being said about the amazing things that our eyes can do for us. Aside from the very well- known fact of enabling us to see, it is also said to be the window to one’s soul and the doorway to one’s heart. But do you know that our eyes can predict diseases too? Although there is a more complex branch of study for this conducted by experts which is known as iridology, here are more simple analyses which can strongly determine a disease that you may already be suffering from.

Persistent stye – If a stye won’t go away for up to three months or if it keeps coming back in the same spot, it could be an indication of a type of cancer named sebaceous gland carcinoma.

Blurry vision accompanied by a burning sensation in the eyes while using the computer – This condition is called ‘computer vision syndrome’ or CVS. It results from using a computer with improper screen settings such as lack of contrast. Focusing too much on the pixels can cause this condition too.

Shedding off of eyebrows – Disappearing of the outer third of the eyebrows can be a sign of a thyroid problem.

Yellowish color of the white part of the eyes – This is a strong indication of jaundice. It can happen to newborns with immature liver functions or to adults with gall bladder, bile ducts or liver malfunctions.

Protruding eyes – If the eyes seem to want to come out, it can be a sign of hyperthyroidism or the over activity of the thyroid glands.

Small blind spot getting in the way of one’s vision, accompanied with a wavy line or shimmering lights – This is what migraine aura produces. This can also be accompanied by a headache.

Blurred vision in diabetics – Diabetics are at great risk for various eye problems. One of the most common eye disease as a consequence of diabetes is the diabetic retinopathy where the circulatory system of the eyes is affected. In worst cases, it can result to total blindness.

Brown spot or bump in the eyelid – It could be a sign of a skin cancer. Be sure to check these inconspicuous parts of the eyes often for these signs.

Sudden loss, dimming of doubling of vision – These are warning signs of stroke that manifests in the eyes. If accompanied by other conditions such as weakness of the legs, arms or face, sudden weakness or numbness, trouble walking due to loss of balance or dizziness and slurred speech, it will be best to rush to a hospital with a companion.

Final Words

Our vision is important to us and for this reason, everyone should take care of their eyes and their overall health to prevent diseases which can affect our eyes as its consequence. Keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle, having enough sleep, exercising regularly, and staying away from harmful vices should help a great deal in keeping the whole body, particularly the eyes, healthy. Most importantly, being knowledgeable about these symptoms should enable us to diagnose disease on its early stage, before it gets complicated.