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Benefits Of Cranberry Juice

Want a tangy, tart and nutrient rich juice to kick start your day?! Well, then you must drink the pure cranberry juice, which is rich in antioxidants and many other vital nutrients required to support the overall well-being. The long list of benefits of cranberry juice makes it one of the healthiest drinks on earth.

Cranberries, the small red colored acidic berries are native to North America and are among the few water harvested fruits. As these berries come on the on the surface of the water once they are ready for harvest, they get exposed to direct sunlight which enhances their nutritional value.

For most people, the only cranberry juice benefits include the natural treatment of urinary tract infections, but, there’s much more nutritional value carried by this tangy fruit. Its antioxidant richness makes it very effective in preventing cancers, and also the cranberry juice benefits for skin cannot be ignored.

Like every other fruit, the best benefits of cranberries can be derived by consuming the fresh, wholesome berries, but, as these are not easily accessible, cold pressed juice can be consumed. It also offers a myriad of health benefits.

Nutritional Value Carried By Cranberries

Cranberries possess an astonishing concentration of phytonutrients with zero amounts of fat. It’s one of the lowest calorie fruits and a cup of fresh cranberries only contains 46 calories.

Some of the exceptional nutritional facts related to cranberries include:

  • Cranberries beat even the best anti-oxidant rich fruits like blueberries and strawberries when it comes to a number of anti-oxidants possessed by them.
  • These have a balanced level of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.
  • The calories as well as the glycemic index of these berries is quite low
  • A one cup serving of cranberries possesses 6% each of Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin K, 8% of Vitamin E that is, Alpha Tocopherol and 24% of Vitamin C. It also contains minerals, including 7% of copper and 20% of manganese. Apart from these, these berries contain 18% of the dietary fiber.

Along with the minerals and vitamins, the cranberries are also a rich source of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients including:

Benzoic Acid

It’s rich in antiseptic properties and can kill the bad bacteria, including the ones that cause acne, bladder infections, and UTI.


It is the most powerful phytonutrient contained by the cranberries and it’s rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it’s very effective in reducing the inflammation in the arterial walls, improving the joint pain and reducing allergies.


These are the same phytonutrients which are found in the red wine and green tea.  These can reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease.


These anti-oxidants are capable of fighting the oxidative stress and are known to aid weight loss, fight against the breast cancer and lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Cranberry Juice

1. Preventing and Treating the Urinary Tract Infections

The cranberry juice is most popular for preventing and treating the UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). UTIs are more common in women as compared to men.

This incredible juice is a rich source of salicylic acid, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. It also possesses bacteria killing nutrients which help it, in preventing and treating the UTIs.

The UTIs are caused by certain micro-organisms when their percentage in the urine exceeds the normal levels. These bacteria get themselves bound to the walls of the bladder, and may cause cystitis in the kidney or prostate resulting in renal parenchyma or bacterial prostatitis respectively.

Drinking cranberry juice can help in avoiding these problems and also eliminate the need for antibiotics for treating UTIs.

2. Fighting Against Cancer

The proanthocyanidin compounds present in cranberry juice can inhibit the growth of various types of cancer cells and provide superior protection against prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

This juice is rich in flavonoids and anti-carcinogenic compounds which can stop the development of the micro-tumours in the blood vessels, and even slow down the growth of already developed tumors.

3. Supporting Weight Loss

As the cranberry juice is rich in Vitamin C and several antioxidants, it promotes weight loss by breaking the fat deposits in the body with its emulsifying effect.

4. Preventing Tooth Decay

Regular consumption of the cranberry juice can prevent the tooth decay. It is one of the best foods for teeth, as it inhibits the growth of plaque-causing bacteria while preventing the formation of cavities.

This amazing juice can eradicate the problem of bad breath and cleans up the teeth to promote good dental health.

This juice is also rich in calcium, and this makes it an amazing food for strengthening the teeth and bones.

To get the benefits of cranberry juice for teeth, only use the unsweetened variety of the juice.

5. Combatting Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of this healthy juice help in soothing the inflammations in the body. It is quite effective against the lung inflammation caused by influenza virus.

The juice is rich in non-dialyzable compounds which stop the virus from sticking to the cells and causing infections.

6. Boosting the Immune System

The compounds present in the cranberry juice is known to improve various aspects of the immune system while lowering the risk of flu, cold and cough.

The PACs (Proanthocyanidins) are capable of nurturing the gut lining where the maximum part of our immune system is located.

Also, the cranberry extracts can ward-off the harmful disease-causing bacteria found in the toxic food products and the viruses which enter the body.

The cranberries have a unique combination of antioxidant nutrients, including pterostilbene, piceatannol, and Resveratrol.

7. Strengthening the Heart

The combined impact of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds in the cranberries are known to deliver the cardiovascular benefits.

Cranberries prevent the triggering of the two major enzymes, which play a prominent role in developing the heart disease. Cranberries also enhance the blood platelets’ formation in the body.

The cranberry juice’s regular consumption is also known to block the activity of TNF-alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha) which is a pro-inflammatory molecule responsible or causing heart-related diseases.

The antioxidants and the flavonoids present in the cranberries can significantly decrease the risk of “Atherosclerosis”, a medical condition in which fat starts accumulating in the arteries while obstructing the oxygen-rich blood flow to the different parts of the body.

8. Soothing the Ulcers

The flavonoids present in the cranberry juice decrease the threat of developing stomach issues like peptic ulcers by stopping the  “Helicobacter pylori”, a stomach infection causing bacteria from growing.

The  Helicobacter pylori attack the protective layers of the intestine and stomach, which may even lead to stomach lining’s inflammation.

9. Preventing the Kidney Stones

Cranberries are rich in high amounts of acids like quinic acid, which can work against the stone formation in the kidneys, and thus, help in preventing the kidney stones.

Also, cranberry juice is rich in Vitamin C, which also helps in preventing the kidney stones from forming.

10. Treating the Yeast Infections

Yeast infections, which are quite common in men and children are one of the rarest infections caused by the overgrowth of a bacteria that naturally occurs in our body in a controlled quantity.

The compounds in the cranberry juice prevent these bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract, intestines or mouth. Also, the fresh juice can flush out the yeast and the excessive fungi from the body.

11. Preventing Scurvy

Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin C. Cranberries, which are rich in Vitamin C help the body to overcome the deficit.

Also, it boosts the collagen production in the body that ensures healthy functioning of the tissues.

12. Preventing the Respiratory Infections

As per the studies, some particular strains of the respiratory and ear infection causing micro-organism “Haemophilus Influenza” is inhibited by the cranberry juice.

The hairlike structures of the bacteria are inhibited from getting attached to the surface of the skin by this incredible juice, and thus, it helps in preventing the infections.

13. Prevents the Signs Of Premature Aging

Cranberries are rich in an array of antioxidants and the skin-friendly vitamins, including  Vitamin B5, B3, and C. All these help in accelerating the growth of the cells and boosting the production of collagen.

There are many free radicals present in the environment which are responsible for the aging of the skin and formation of fine lines, pigmentation, redness and the formation of wrinkles.

The antioxidants present in the cranberry juice shield the skin and aid in combatting the free radicals by providing the missing electrons while slowing down the natural aging process.

14. Treating the Skin Acne

The cranberry’s antiseptic properties work against acne and help in treating the pimples on the skin.

The cranberry juice is enriched with “Resveratrol” an antioxidant, which helps in minimizing the acne and its marks.

To treat and prevent acne, apply a cranberry juice mask on your skin. Mix the juice with some orange powder and a little bit of honey to make a fine blend. Apply this mask on the skin and leave it for about 20 – 25 minutes before washing off with cold water. It also helps in lightening the skin tone.

15. Prevents Hair Fall and Alopecia

Alopecia is a skin condition that is characterised by the excessive falling of hair from the scalp, thereby, causing the bald patches.

Cranberry juice, which is rich in anti-fungal and antiseptic properties helps in preventing hair fall, psoriasis, dandruff and any other scalp related issues.

For this, you must consume the juice on a regular basis, and can also apply the organic unsweetened variety directly on your scalp.

16. Boosting Natural Hair Growth

Cranberry juice is one of the best natural foods that boost the hair growth. The juice is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are the most essential vitamins for the hair growth.

Regular consumption of this wonder juice can help in promoting the hair growth and overcome hair loss.

As the cranberry juice is a little tangy in taste, many brands add some sugar to make it sweet and enhance its taste. While it improves the taste, but, may prevent the juice from delivering optimum benefits. For instance, unsweetened cranberry juice weight loss benefits cannot be derived from the sugar added varieties.

So, whenever you buy the cranberry juice, ensure that you purchase the unsweetened variety. If you are wondering that from where can you get the best varieties of this healthy juice, then, you can easily purchase the cranberry juice online.