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Depression: Cause & Treatment

Some will argue that depression is caused by genetics, while others cite environmental factors as the cause of the disorder. While both may play a part in the onset of depression, it can be agreed that clinical depression is a serious health issue and depression treatment should be sought.

Find The Cause

As an individual begins a path toward recovery, he or she will need to discover the cause of the disorder. Part of the cause may be a gene shared with family members which make an individual more likely to struggle with depression, but there are probably environmental factors present as well. To begin depression treatment, an individual should recognize what those factors are. Some common depression factors include:

  • a high amount of stress at work or at home
  • experiencing an emotional or physical trauma
  • poor diet, exercise, and sleep habits
  • drug or alcohol dependency

Counseling As A Treatment

Counseling is a good place to start when searching for a depression treatment plan. Talk therapy sessions with an experienced counselor can help an individual work through personal and emotional issues that are causing his or her depression. Discovering the sources of depression can help an individual gain control over the situation and overcome it.

Medications As A Treatment

Beginning a medication plan is a common treatment option. Antidepressants can alter the chemicals in the brain. Most often, the medications will affect the levels of serotonin which can elevate a person’s mood. A family doctor or psychiatrist can prescribe the medication. However, the treatment can cause side effects that should be taken into consideration.

Lifestyle Changes As A Treatment

An obvious solution to lifestyle issues causing depression is to change the lifestyle. Of course, this is usually easier said than done. Changing things like sleep schedules and diets or seeking treatment for an addiction can lessen the effects of depression. Focusing on positive relationships and avoiding negativity is also recommended. Making positive changes in one’s life can create a goal to work toward and give an individual a sense of purpose.

Alternative Treatments

Those who do not wish to be on medication may find alternative treatments helpful. Alternative depression treatments include yoga, acupuncture, hypnosis, and meditation among others. These activities promote relaxation and can alter an individual’s state of mind. While these treatments are not the standard for western medicine, many individuals find them to be extremely helpful.