benefits of massage
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Health Benefits of Massage

Whenever we are writhing in pain or want to get comfort, we tend to ask somebody close to us to give a massage. This simple practice, if used keeping the treatment at the back of the mind, becomes a therapy to solve many health related problems of the body. Our body is believed to have several pressure points located at ankles, palms, upper back and head. If the optimum pressure is applied to these points, it helps in improving the blood circulation throughout the body. Improved blood circulation helps in curing several types of pains and dealing with the problems related to the heart.

Benefits of Massage


Massage, if done rightly, is storehouse of benefits. Some of the benefits worth mentioning are:

1. Muscle Relaxation: Body muscles tend to become tight due to over-stress sometimes. Massaging is a very fruitful way to relax the muscles. Tightening of muscle may arise due to sudden increase in physical activity like playing a certain outdoor game after very long time or picking heavy weight with thrust. Instead of taking medicine, if massage is tried for once, it is likely to leave a long lasting effect.

2. Increased Blood Circulation: Overall increase in blood circulation helps in combating various diseases like hypertension, skin diseases and sometimes even paralysis.

3. Increased Mental Concentration: Head massage is capable of providing ultimate relaxation. With relaxed mind, one tends to sleep well which in turn is helpful in increasing the mental concentration. Relaxed mind and body is capable of handling stress much better. Students find it easier to concentrate if mind is relaxed

4. Reduced Tension: Massages are great stress- buster. Some moments of self-indulgence leave one afresh and over stress level is considerably reduced due to relaxation provided by the massages.

5. Feel Good Factor: Taking massage requires a person to take some time off the busy schedule. The feeling of devoting some time to well-being of self raises the feeling of goodness in a person. Massage helps the person in gaining lost energy and use of therapeutic oils improves the skin quality also. Massages improve the overall psyche of the person.

Massage Appliances


To increase the benefits of massaging, massage centers employ certain types of chairs, tables and even foot support to provide maximum relaxation to the customers who visit massage centers to avail the benefits.

  • Tables: Tables are the essential part of any massage center. These tables are designed for various purposes. Some are folding and reclining types aiding the masseur to apply pressure effectively. Secondly, the customer is also able to enjoy the massage in the comforts of these tables that are designed to provide maximum support to the back and head.

Ergonomic Multipurpose Table- Head rests, arm rests, neck pad and foot rest are some of the parts of the table. All these parts aim at providing maximum relaxation to various parts of the body. All of the mattress material, color and design are chosen keeping the relaxation of the patient in mind.

  • Chairs: Chairs chosen for the massage purpose are light, flexible and made of ergonomic material that imparts maximum support while taking the massage pressure. These are available in folding and straight types. To make them easy to carry, a stylish bag with pouches is also supplied to the buyer.
  • Footrests: These are made of plastic body having cushions made for placing feet. The vibrating effect produced by these rests is exemplary. It increases the benefit of massage manifold by regulating the blood circulation caused by vibrations rippled in these rests.

Oils and Lotions


A variety of oils and lotions are used in table massage according to the need of the patient. If only aromatherapy is the aim, then pleasant smelling aromatic oils that stimulate hormones are used to massage the body.

The choice of oil varies according to the aim of the massage. If rehabilitation from an injury needs to be taken care of, then oil neutral is the best choice. Sensual massages need the variants of creams and lotion based oils. Sometimes massages are meant to induce slimness. The oils meant for achieving slimness attack the fat cells of the body mobilizing them to cause the loss in weight.

Hence, massage is the medium to do perfect rejuvenation of the body in a comfortable way.