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How Should Perfect Teeth Look Like?

Now a day everyone wants to have great healthy teeth not only for chewing the food but also for a good smile. The teeth which are straight, white and healthy gives a good smile and makes you look stunning. The condition for perfect teeth depends on how they look in relation to each other. The teeth that are straight should be spaced equally and also should be symmetrically arranged from left to right. These straight teeth should also be lined up with the opposite jaw’s teeth. A tooth has no standard size. The criteria for perfect teeth are that they must be proportionate to the mouth size and also to the rest of the body.

What are positions for perfect teeth?

Apart from the symmetry of the teeth, it’s positioning is also equally important. The positioning should be such that they need to be vertical, having no angular teeth or protrusions.  The tooth-line must be semi-circular and smooth. Mostly, teeth that make the largest impact on your appearance are the front teeth. Although the molars are also visible during laughing or when you open your mouth, the front teeth which is visible most of the times has largest effect on your face.

Color of the teeth:

For perfect teeth, the color of the teeth is very much important. Many whitening products are available that removes the stains from the teeth and makes it look white. Some of them include tapes, tooth trays, brush-on liquids and tooth pastes. But the disadvantage with these whitening products is that they are not as much effective.

How should perfect gums look like?

To have good perfect teeth, healthy gums are necessary. The healthy gums with healthy teeth give a great smile. The gums should be ideally pink in color. Poor hygiene leads the color of the gum to turn from pink to red or black.

Dentistry And Its Role In Maintaining Healthy Teeth:

Due to the intake of salt, sugar, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol people get yellow champers and rotten gums. Therefore to maintain healthy teeth, modern medicine has a solution in the form of dentistry. Dentistry has different disciplines such as cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry orthodontics, periodontics etc. The person who wants to get rid off his rotten teeth and show white smiles can be benefited by cosmetic dentistry. The people who have crooked teeth naturally can be helped by orthodontics which corrects this problem. The elderly people and hockey player’s teeth problem are corrected by implant dentistry. The people who eat lot of garlic, onions, mustard, cabbage and tuna can go for periodontics. Therefore dentistry solves a variety of dental problems.

What are the various medications for healthy teeth?

Scientists are aiming at removing dental caries by developing vaccines. The bacterium that damages the teeth is streptococcus mutants. They secrete large quantity of lactic acid which erodes the enamel of the tooth. Scientists are developing vaccines that target streptococcus mutans. Scientists are saying that the vaccine against mutans can be given to a child between 1½ years to 3 years as this is the best period of time to immunize the children. This vaccine does not target and attack mutants directly, instead they target the enzyme. Scientists are now developing a different type of vaccine that has antibodies which are highly purified. These vaccines are meant to directly attack the bacteria. But this vaccine is still under clinical trials.

To obtain perfect and healthy teeth, it is necessary to follow a strict schedule of oral hygiene. Apart from this regular dental cleaning, brushing, flossing etc can help to get healthy teeth. You can try to avoid smoking and drinking coffee because this causes the gums and teeth to be infected and stained.