how to last longer in bed
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How To Last Longer In Bed

Of all the problems in the world – if you don’t last longer in bed, you probably think about this one minor fault way too often. In fact, this thought may dominate your mind. It may be why you ended up reading this article today.

The good news is there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to ensure you last longer in the bedroom. You don’t need creams, gels and pills to rock your woman’s world all night long. You just need to harness the power of your mind.

And one easy way to do so is by breaking bad habits that are leading to your negative thoughts, energy and ultimately, premature ejaculation. Lasting longer in bed is fun and if you’re ready to stay in the saddle longer, you should focus on breaking these 7 habits.

Here are the 7 habits you must break if you want to last longer in bed:

Too Much Masturbation

If you masturbate and watch porn, you are training your penis to become overly aroused at the sight of a naked woman. Even if you masturbate to pornography for an extended period of time every session, you are still training your body to not control itself when you are with a real woman. You feel less arousal with a real woman and begin to think about having sex with her. This takes you out of the moment and makes you come much faster.

Stop Thinking About It

As we previously stated, your mind has more control over your orgasm than anything else. If you allow your mind to control your orgasm, instead of taking control of your mind and controlling your orgasm – you will come quickly.

So stop thinking about lasting long in bed so much. Relax. Don’t worry about it. Instead, always focus on positive thoughts. You know you’re going to rock her world the next time you see her. You believe it. There are no doubts. Even if you come in two minutes, she still felt amazing because you did. You’re the prize, not her. Believe.

Too Little Sleep

While the mind is the most important aspect of controlling your orgasm, you health also plays a role. And one of the most important players in your overall health is your sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will not be performing at your peak in the bedroom. There is no way around this. By getting more sleep, you’ll raise your testosterone levels. This will then increase your sexual performance.

Great sleep also puts people in better moods. This means that when you get better sleep, you’ll think less about negative thoughts like coming quickly and more about positive thoughts like rocking her world.

Not Exercising

Sleep and exercise go hand-in-hand in determining your overall health. By getting more of both, you increase your chances of performing like a beast in the bedroom. Exercise will give your body the energy to fight through fatigue in the bedroom. You’ll also get an endorphin boost by exercising, adding to your positive energy.

As well, squatting has been shown to increase the strength of the pelvic muscles, which also men to control their orgasms. By lifting weights, your body won’t need to stress itself as much during sex. This also allows you to relax more. More relaxation in the bedroom means you’ll last longer as well.

Not Enough Sex

You may just not be having enough Sex.

A man cannot expect himself to last 30-45 minutes in the bedroom if he hasn’t been laid in 3 months. Hell, if you haven’t had sex in three months, you should be happy with a 3-minute performance.

Practice makes perfect and sex is no different. If you want to last longer, you’re going to need to start having more sex. Have sex as often as possible. Multiple times each week, as many times as you can handle in a day, whatever you need to do. Eventually, you’ll begin to gain control of your orgasm.

Stop With The Sugars

Sugars give your body spurts of energy, followed by lulls fills with fatigue. This puts stress on the mind and body. When the mind and body is stressed, you won’t be able to perform any function at your highest level.

Not only that – sugars have been proven to lower testosterone levels. Lower testosterone levels ensure lower performance in bed. However, you cannot stay away from all sugars. Just try to avoid unnatural items like candy, soda, cookies, ice cream, potato chips and more.

Still Stressed

Lastly, your stress levels may be the single biggest factor in you coming too quickly. If you find yourself stressed out at all times, you must break this habit. You must focus on relaxing and letting go. Learn to enjoy life and let loose.

Once you allow yourself to relax and let the stress fade away, you’ll probably find that you’re lasting longer in bed. This should further relax you and hopefully lead to a positive feedback loop. A loop opposite of the negative one you used to thrive on. This loop hopefully gives you feedback to becoming a more confident and positive individual – plus a guy who can last long in bed.

Break The Habits

If you break these bad habits and make a few necessary lifestyle changes, you’ll find your stamina between the sheets soaring. Once the habits have been broken, focus on adopting core beliefs that allow you to continue lasting long.