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Natural Tips on Skin Care

Your skin is a mirror that reflects your health and habits! This article will provide you some natural tips on skin care. A blemish-free, spotless complexion that’s supple and glows indicates vitality. Dry flaky skin, dark circles, under eye bags, dandruff, or oily scalp, wrinkled skin, crow’s feet, patchy skin and chapped heel are all indicators of poor health and poor hygiene.

Among the many skin care tips, regular bathing is important. There’s nothing that cleanses like water. Remember to bathe in tepid or warm, never hot water. Add drops of your favorite oil in bathing water. Lavender, chamomile, lemon etc are all time favorites.
After bathing, remember to moisturize. At home, let your skin breathe. But do use a sun block. If you’re allergic to sun blocks and live in a hot region, carry an umbrella.

Dandruff And Your Skin


Your hair has a direct bearing on your skin. Dandruff results in acne and allergy.
• The best homemade organic remedy for dandruff is lime juice.
• In sesame oil, sauté fenugreek seeds till they turn brown.
• Add beet juice to the concoction.
• After cooling, apply on the scalp and hair tips.
• Wash after an hour.
• Regular application reduces dandruff.

Let’s Face It


A good facial every month makes your skin glow. Exfoliating every week is a must. If you prefer going organic, pound rice or sugar granules finely and rub your skin with these, without overdoing because this ruptures capillaries. Mashed strawberries also make for excellent exfoliation.
• For dark circles, place a small pack of tea bags, cucumber or potato slices.
• Lemon and orange absorb oil. Their rinds when powdered and mixed with skimmed milk or lime juice cleanse oily skin. Sandal wood paste and basil leaves paste also is good for oily, acne prone skin. If your skin is dry, curd and honey are best.
• Keep powdered split green gram as a base and mix with skimmed milk or rose water to cleanse oily skin. To nourish dry skin, mix the powder with honey or curd. For combination skin, replace with lime juice and curd.
Change your skin care routine to suit the climate. Winter care should include a lavish application of cream based moisturizer. Replace with water based moisturizer in summer. Don’t forget to pamper your neck too, for neck is the first place where age sets in. Similarly hands and feet should be well moisturized.

Your Skin’s Enemies


Your skin’s number one enemy is harsh sunlight. You may enjoy a tan, but ensure you do not bask between 10am and 4pm in summer. Harsh sunlight causes skin cancer! Raw tomato slices and juice are good anti-tan packs.
• Fried food is another enemy, as it activates the sebaceous gland, especially in adolescents.
• Smoking and alcohol are a big no-no. These shrivel the skin, adding years to your age.
• Mere application of lotions and potions is insufficient. A well-balanced diet is a must.
• Touching your face often, causes pimples and acne.

Your Skin’s Friends

Adequate consumption of water keeps your skin hydrated, soft and supple, flushing out toxins from your system, preventing constipation.
Yoga and meditation have a positive significant impact on your skin. Blood rushes through your veins while you perform yoga. Splashing cold water on your face at regular intervals refreshes you, as it stimulates the flow of blood.

Acupressure For The Face
Every morning, spend five minutes massaging your teeth and gums with your fingers. Massage the region just beneath the eyes, between your eyes and at the jaws. This eases tension, lending a glow to your face. Facial exercises too help in keeping age at bay.

You may frequent the parlor, maybe diet conscious, maybe a tee-to-taller, but if you’re sleep deprived, your skin wears a haggard look. Eight hours of sleep and a 10 minute afternoon siesta help too.