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Tips For Home Cardio Workouts

Cardio exercises are those that are specifically designed to increase a person’s heart rate and keep it elevated for certain duration of time. This type of exercise routine is also known as an ‘aerobic exercise’. Some of the most popular forms of cardio exercises include brisk walking, swimming, jogging and running where a ‘no break’ routine is implemented.

Some types of exercises that deal with strength and stretch, such as Pilates, are usually not considered as cardio exercises though it can be done on an aerobic manner. Among the major advantages of cardio exercise routines include:

• Promotes efficient sleep and rest periods      

• Aid in strengthening the lungs and also increases the lung capacity

• Improves  the body’s daily energy levels

• Burns fats, increases the body’s metabolic rates thus aids in weight loss

You really don’t have to be in a gym or any fitness facility in order for you to perform your daily cardio exercises. All you need is a cardio exercise that warms up those muscles, improves the pumping mechanism of the heart and best of all, and gives you a feeling of wellness and good health. If you don’t have the luxury of driving back and forth from the office down to the gym, or maybe you just want to be wiser on your spending habits, then there are still cardio exercises that you can perform at the comfort of your very own home.


Many fitness experts and healthcare professionals believe that swimming is one of the best forms of cardio exercises. Swimming is an activity that involves every part of your body from arms to legs. A thirty-minute breaststroke is equal to a 400-calorie weight loss. During swimming, your joints are protected so you won’t have to worry about sustaining high impact injuries.


This is perhaps among the most fun and exciting home cardio workout routines. Biking is an activity that needs a lot of leg power. And when the huge muscles are working, more calories are also being used up. Gear up yourself with a safety helmet and maybe some kneepads for support.


This is probably the best home cardio exercise that you can perform anytime and at any place. You don’t need special equipment for this routine. All it requires is a durable set of running shoes and you are good to go. Running on a trail that has few hills on it will help you burn more calories. The best thing about running is that you will never run out of areas or places where you can perform this routine. The running possibilities are endless and the activity is something addictive.

Jumping rope

Doing the jumping rope is actually an intense cardiac routine especially when performed continuously on a thirty-minute time span

Step aerobics

This form of home cardio workout helps shape your legs, hips and butt and also shed those extra fat deposits.

It would be vital that you hydrate yourself regularly and eat a healthy diet while on a high cardio workout routine. Cardio exercises should be something where people are looking to become healthier but as long as you take the proper vitamins, minerals and other supplements your hard work will be rewarded.