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Tips To Combat Spring Allergies

Spring is right around the corner which symbolises wonderful things like warmer weather, blossoming flowers but also the irritation of spring allergies. For the people who suffer from spring allergies associated with dust and pollen, this time with all of the pollen in the air and the spring cleaning taking place can be disastrous for our allergies and health. The inconvenience of sneezing, blocked noses, and itchy, watery eyes, which are the symptoms of spring allergies, can be incredibly uncomfortable but there are certain steps and precautions one may take to decrease spring time allergies.

Ten Tips To Decrease Spring Time Signs And Symptoms Of Spring Allergies

1. It is beneficial to do a thorough spring clean of your home. Dust will have collected over the winter months so it is a great idea in preventing spring allergens to get rid of all of the accumulated dust. Clean windows, air vents, book shelf and those hard to reach places.

2. Minimise outdoor activity when pollen is at its highest. This is usually between 10 am and 4 pm. There are also certain sites that can offer one information of the level of pollen in the air at a specific time of the month.

3. There are certain medicines that may help with symptoms of spring allergies, consult your pharmacist or doctor about the options and take your medication at least 30 minutes before heading outdoors.

4. To decrease symptoms of spring allergies, one should attempt to keep all windows and air vents shut at peak pollen times.

5. Wash bedding twice weekly in hot water, this helps especially with allergies caused by dust mites.

6. Dry your laundry indoors if possible, laundry outside may attract pollen. This is then brought into your home and will increase signs
of spring allergies.

7. Shower and wash your hair in the evenings and before bed, if you shower in the morning and leave the house, pollen will be attracted to the moisture of your hair.

8. Keep pets off furniture and especially off the bed. Whilst pets may be outside, pollen may cling to their bodies.

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9. To avoid the signs and symptoms of spring allergies, keep car windows closed during peak pollen times and when using air conditioning, point the air vents away from your face.

10. If you are going to be in the garden directly doing gardening like mowing the lawn, the best things to do to avoid signs of spring allergies is to wear a filter mask. (best to use artificial grass from Dallas Turf Company to avoid that type of allergies)