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Tips to Take Care For Eye Injuries

Eye injuries or irritation can lead to irreversible damage and vision loss when not given immediately given attention and treatment. This is why you have to know what you need to do immediately following such unfortunate events, especially when medical attention or help is not near or accessible. In case of severe eye injuries, there are some first-aid procedures that need to be performed as soon as possible.

Something in the Eye

Is it very common to get a foreign substance get trapped on the eye’s surface. Small particles such as sand or dirt that get into the eye cause irritation.

Our first instinct in such situation is to rub our eyes. However, this causes further irritation. This can even scratch the surface of the eye, exactly why this should be avoided. First off, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap to cleanse your hands from any dirt or debris that could get into your eye and cause further irritation or infection.

You eyes can flush the object out from your eyes with tears. Induce tears by pulling your upper eyelid down and over your lower eyelid. This should stimulate tear flow and aid in washing out the foreign object. If this will not work, slowly run warm water over your eyes over a sink. If you can actually see the object that got into the eye, you can manually remove this with the use of a damp washcloth while holding your eye open. Otherwise, if none of these work, see a doctor as soon as you can.

Chemical Exposure

A number of chemicals can burn eye’s surface. Unless immediate medical attention is acquired, this can damage the eye and even cause vision loss. As a first-aid response, immediately flush the eye with water. In the absence of water, any drinkable liquid immediately on hand will do.

If you have access to a shower, hold the eye open under it to completely dilute and flush the chemical out of the eye. Continue doing this for at least 15 minutes. If you are wearing your contact lenses, flush the top of the lens first. After thoroughly flushing the eye, do not bandage or cover the eye and seek medical attention.

Blows to the Eye

For an eye injury brought about by a direct blow to the eye, he best first aid action is by applying cold compress. Tape an ice pack to your head in a way that it rests on your injured eye. This will help in reducing swelling and pain. If you develop a black eye, experience continued pain, or have reduced vision, you may have an internal eye injury and should get medical attention immediately.

Eye Penetration

If an object has penetrated your eye, try to remain as calm as you possibly can. Do not wash your eye with any liquids and phone for medical help immediately. Do not touch the object or your eye and protect it with a covering that will not touch the object or your eye until you get medical attention. A paper cup would make for a good protective covering.